Qodra - Board Members

Qodra Board Members

Dr. Mohamed Mohsen Mahjoub (Chairman)

As a retired military from the Egyptian army, Dr. Mahgoub has been through the experience of war, an experience that has mostly shaped his strong determination to succeed in times of peace. With a strong belief that each one’s vision of themselves leads them where they want to be, Dr. Mahgoub has invested his efforts in gaining scientific knowledge, business and personal skills through continuous learning. 
During his business career, Dr. Mahgoub started very successful businesses to date, like Chipsy and became Chairman of several medical and leasing companies in the Middle East and Africa as well as a board member at several banks in Egypt for almost 25 years. In parallel, Mr. Mahgoub has done his Masters in Social Sciences, his PHD and has participated many courses and conferences worldwide.
Driven by social responsibility, innovation and creative thinking, Dr. Mahgoub, with his partners, created Qodra, aiming to bring a new business idea to the Egyptian market that would focus on the needs of Development and Education. For Dr. Mahgoub, this goes hand in hand with establishing, supporting and building solid governance foundations for Masr El-Kheir and for it to be audited by one of the big four in auditing in the whole world, as well as many other NGOs, to give back to the community.

Mrs. Suhair Mohammed Awad (Managing Director)

Mrs. Awad highly believes in the power of ambition and hard work which made her today an expert in finance consultancy and business management. In fact, she started working since a very young age while studying business administration at Cairo University. Following her studies, she envisioned to devote her time and energy to develop businesses and NGOs in Egypt so to contribute to the country’s economic and social development. 
Throughout her 30 years of professional experience, Mrs. Awad has held the positions of Managing Director and Chairman of several major companies specialized in different fields notably in the Food & Agriculture, Education, and Recruitment industries.
Moreover, she works to support NGOs’ work in Egypt. Ever since its foundation in 2007 & till 2022, Mrs. Awad has been working with Misr El-Kheir Foundation on several projects. She dedicated many years specifically to one social cause that is dear to her heart: Al-Gharemin. Taking the lead in empowering debtors economically and socially, she largely contributed to helping out more than 100 000 debtors in Egypt. Honoring her efforts, Mrs. Awad received many awards including during the “Women who are influencing the lives of Al-Gharemin” conference under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. 

Dr. Nashwa Salah Ayoub (Board Member and CEO)

Believing in the importance of education, Dr. Ayoub studied Social Work at Cairo University, followed by a Masters’ degree and a PHD in Business Administration with a focus on “The role of the society in providing and promoting education in disadvantaged areas”. She also acquired a diploma in Management of Non-for-profit Organizations and has been part of the Corporate Directors Certification Program (CDCP) by The Egyptian Institute of Directors. 
Through joining several programs including, the International Visitor Leadership Program with the USA Embassy, Dr. Ayoub gained international knowledge in the field of education. As a member of the Committee of the Minister of Education, she also travelled to the USA and the UK to learn and transfer STEM's experience to Egypt and has become a pioneer in spreading and applying STEM knowledge in Egypt. With the aim of bringing innovation to Egypt in the field of Education, Dr. Ayoub founded the Education Unit at Misr El-Kheir Foundation and as Misr El-Kheir Foundation Education Program Manager, Dr. Ayoub has worked on many projects including transferring the STEM Program to the Suez Advanced Technical Industrial School in the field of petrochemicals in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and ExxonMobil. She also trained the Ministry of Education’s Community Education cadres on the national level, to improve the quality of Community Education. 
Having held program management and consultancy positions at many International Organizations and NGOs including Save the Children, Care, Misr El-Kheir and the Association for The Development & Enhancement of Women (ADEW) over the last 28 years, Dr. Ayoub is today an expert in the field of Development and is the author of numerous writings and guides in Entrepreneurship, Educational activities