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The "Better Life" “haya afdal” project in cooperation with the Forsa Program at the Ministry of Social Solidarity

Collaborative project for youth and women providers in Fayoum, with Forsa Program from the Ministry of Social Solidarity, focusing on restoration and economic strengthening.

On Tuesday, July9 ,2023 40 sheep breeding and fattening projects were delivered to 40 beneficiary families from the Takaful and Karama beneficiaries in the Tamiya Center in Fayoum Governorate, and so each family received (3 sheep + clover + a set of veterinary medicines for sheep + insurance Veterinary) and this was in the presence of Dr. Shereen Fathy - responsible for the asset transfer component in Fayoum and veterinary officials in Fayoum. This came within the framework of achieving the project’s desired goals of improving the living conditions of the most needy women and youth and their families, especially for the beneficiaries of the Solidarity and Dignity Program and empowering them economically to contribute to alleviating poverty.