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Completion of four mobile maintenance training workshops for Egyptian nationals and refugees in cooperation with the Egyptian Red Crescent

Health services provision for all and support to the community in cooperation with the Egyptian Red Crescent funded by the European Union

Within the framework of the agreement concluded regarding the implementation of vocational trainings between the Egyptian Red Crescent and Qodra for Development and Technological Solutions for Education, Qodra will be conducting training workshops on 6 different vocations namely: auto mechanics - turning and welding - refrigeration and air conditioning - electrical installations – fashion design and sewing - telephone maintenance - mobile phone. The agreement has been conducted within the framework of the project to provide health services for all and support the community, funded by the European Union.
Four mobile phone maintenance training workshops have been completed for 41 African, Arab and Egyptian trainees through which the objectives of the training program have been achieved in terms of developing the capabilities and skills of the participants in mobile phone maintenance and knowing the various forms of maintenance in theory and practice, which contributes to qualifying them for the labor market and empowering them economically.